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I Tablà Mountain Restaurant: location in Alta Badia

A lunch at 2040 m a.s.l. between La Villa, Corvara and S. Cassiano

I Tablà Mountain Restaurant in Alta Badia is located on the plateau between Corvara, La Villa and San Cassiano, at the altitude of 2040 m a.s.l. that offers a unique and inimitable view over the surrounding Dolomites. Behind the Restaurant tower the rocky faces of Sasso di Santa Croce, Lavarella and Conturines, while at its foot meadows and pastures slope down to the valley, framed by the Sella Group and by the Gardenaccia massif.

In summer, I Tablà Mountain Hut is a perfect destination for an easy hike, where you can fully enjoy the atmosphere and the landscapes of South Tyrol.

Alta Badia trails

that lead to I Tablà Mountain Hut

The fastest way to arrive at I Tablà Mountain Restaurant is setting off from Corvara. Take Col Altocable car and then Braia Fraida chairlift that arrives directly at the Restaurant. If you prefer hiking up from the valley, it’s a relatively easy ascent that will take you about an hour (trails 24-30-23).

Piz la Ila cable car facilitates arrival at the Restaurant from La Villa – I Tablà Mountain Hut is just a 20-minute walk away from the top station in the direction of Pralongià (trail 4A).

If you take Piz Sorega cable car from San Cassiano, you will require up to 40-50 minutes to reach I Tablà Mountain Restaurant, but it’s a truly pleasant walk that invigorates, inspires and whets your appetite. The Mountain Hut can be seen already from the top station of the cable car, yet there two ways to reach it. The first one is a relaxing panorama route that leads along trail 21A in the direction of Pralongià until Biok and then turns right to trail 23 heading towards Piz la Ila. More difficult but equally spectacular is the second variant that leads from Piz Sorega straight into the hollow with an artificial lake and then climbs up the opposite slope till La Fraina, just a few metres away from I Tablà.

Arrival at I Tablà Moutain Hut in Alta Badia

with skis or snowboard

In winter, I Tablà Ski Hut is located next to the top stations of three chairlifts: La Brancia, that facilitates arrival from San Cassiano; Roby, reachable from Piz la Ila (La Villa); and Braia Fraida that provides access from the slopes of Corvara… making I Tablà Mountain Restaurant a great place for a well-deserved break before setting off for Sellaronda or for the First World War Tour.


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