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Events in Alta Badia

Opportunities both down in the valley and up in the mountains

Discover with us many flavoursome occasions to look in on I Tablà Mountain Restaurant...

De dl vin - Wine Skisafari

at 2000 m. in Alta Badia

For all ski and wine lovers there is the opportunity to taste the best South Tyrolean red and white wines and South Tyrolean sect

Sommelier on the slopes

The finest South Tyrolean wines on the Alta Badia ski slopes

Sommelier on the slopes

The finest South Tyrolean wines on the Alta Badia ski slopes

Sommelier on the slopes

The finest South Tyrolean wines on the Alta Badia ski slopes

An excellent breakfast with healthy regionally-sourced ingredients

SunRisa: skiing at sunrise

A nutritionist biologist has created a breakfast that is divided into 5 huts. We prepare the whole ricotta cake with apricot jam. Don't miss a nutritious and healthy breakfast at dawn on the slopes of Alta Badia.

Sommelier on the slopes

The finest South Tyrolean wines on the Alta Badia ski slopes

Gourmet Skisafari

The ski & gastronomic event will take Michelin-starred cuisine to 2,000 m above sea level

Skisafari Gourmet Edition 2019/20 will be the Michelin-starred Chef ** Alberto Faccani from the restaurant Magnolia to create a dish. You can taste it throughout the season. We will prepare homemade potato gnocchi with truffle, similar to carbonara.
Don't miss the opportunity.



Movimënt in collaboration with the Ski World Cup Alta Badia are pleased to present the 2st edition of the "Winter Season Opening party" on 07.12.2018 in Alta Badia . Lots of live music and entertainment both mountain and valley. We are waiting for you! Save the date - Hut I Tablá - Brunch 10.00-12.00-

Saus dl Altonn

the Flavours of Autumn,

The peacefulness and colours of Autumn are the frame to Saus dl Altonn, the Flavours of Autumn, an event created to exalt this wonderful period of the year with good food, the genuine produce of the land and activities dedicated to Nature and to the Dolomites, on the tenth anniversary of the nomination of the Dolomites as UNESCO World Heritage.

We present a menu specifically created for the occasion highlighting the product assigned: Fresc Ricotta from the farm CHI PRÀ

Cujiné te ütia - Cooking in the mountains

Outdoor cooking show with 360° views over the Dolomites

the 23.08.2019  you have the possibility to coke with mother Maria
She prepare with us spinach dumplings.
Each participant is allocated their own place and will prepare scheduled dishes together with mother Maria, she will explain each step in detail.

The event starts at 3pm.

Booking is compulsory and can be made at theTourist Offices in Alta Badia.

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